Easy Setup...

Attach rafter into upper bracket.

Slide front panel into awning roller tube.

Attach Panels to the RV.

Attach coach skirt.

Roll up door for easy access.

Aqua Anchor

Aqua Anchors are an ideal way to securely hold your room to the ground when you are unable to spike it down.  With a handy garden hose attachment, it only takes minutes to fill and provides over 60 pounds of pressure to hold your room in breezy conditions.  Shock cords attach the Aqua Anchors to the room keeping them from rolling off.

Options for your California Room

Snapless Side Panels
Attach Easier to RVs

The California Room is also available with Snapless Side Panels.  These eliminate the two rows of Common Sense Twist Fasteners coming down the RV.  Each side is held securely to the RV with a vertical rafter which attaches to a bracket mounted under the awning and at the floor line, pushing our exclusive "Duo Seal" tightly against the RV to provide the best seal in the industry.  Fits most straight sided RVs.

  • Fewer holes to drill

  • Faster, easier set up

  • No ladders needed

  • Best Seal available

  • Sturdier in high winds

Side Entry

Side Panels are available with doors to make your room more accessible.  Perfect for bus type RV's where the door is located outside the awning or conditions where a side entry would be preferred.


Special Applications

California Room:
Close to Nature & Bug Free

The California Room turns your awning into an additional living area.  Weather you prefer to enjoy the outdoors bug free or need an additional sleeping area, the California Room is a perfect addition to any RV. Only the finest materials and years of quality craftsmanship make the California Room the standard to which all other rooms are compared.  The California Room attaches easily to Carefree, A&E, Faulkner and Carter awnings.  Our Beige color blends well with many RVs and shows less dirt than other rooms.
NOTE: Awnings and rooms are temporary structures and are not designed for high winds. 

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